The Retail Association of Maine is the state's leader on retail-related issues. As Maine's only full-time retail advocate, we have our finger on the pulse of issues that affect your business. We represent more than 350 members statewide with 1,500+ physical retail locations. Maine's retailers employ more than 80,000 Mainers.

- SWIPE FEE REDUCTIONS – RAM led the effort to reduce debit card fees and continue to fight multiple efforts to repeal the reductions. RESULT: A 40% DECREASE in debit card swipe fees and we continue to push for further relief!

- FEE REPEALED – A well-intentioned law in 2019 added a $.15 fee on the sale of pesticide containers to fund a research lab. The law was problematic for retailers to comply with and confusing for consumers. RAM collaborated with Governor Mills to fund the lab in the budget and led the fight to repeal the fee! RESULT: Starting July 1, 2022 retailers will no longer have to collect the $.15 fee.

- ELIMINATION OF AT-WILL EMPLOYMENT – Legislation was submitted that would prohibit "at-will" employment in Maine – a first-in-the-nation effort. RAM led the fight and assembled a large coalition to fight this bill. RESULT: Unanimously defeated.

- OVERTIME – Legislation was submitted to set Maine's salary threshold for overtime at the highest level in the nation. RAM assembled a coalition to fight the legislation, and push for a more reasonable standard. RESULT: LD 607 was amended to direct the Department of Labor to help educate employers on the current overtime regulations. No new regulations were enacted.


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